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Important message to our Travel Loan ClientS

As our nation confronts the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic, we want to remind you of our commitment to your safety and well-being.

We know that increasing numbers of people have had to make drastic and sudden adjustments to their lives: coping with loss of income, caring for children who can no longer go to school, restricting movements to essential needs only.

About your IOM Travel Loan:

If you have experienced a pay cut or loss of employment due to the pandemic and need help with your account, please contact us as soon as possible at 866-507-9464 or

In response and acting in co-ordination with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), we have authority to modify your travel loan repayment plan as needed during this public health emergency.

We are guided by two goals:

  • Your economic well-being; making sure your monthly payment is within your means
  • Protecting the credit status of your account

Additional Resources for Help and Information about COVID-19:

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB):

Center for Disease Control (CDC):

World Health Organization (WHO):

International Organization for Migration (IOM):

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When refugees are admitted to the United States for resettlement, their travel is arranged under a loan program by the International Organization for Migration. Refugees sign a promissory note stating that they will repay the interest-free loans to cover the cost of airline tickets over a predetermined period.

Guidelines To Sign Up and Frequently Asked Questions

Submit your request form to request a link to register for the website here: Loans Client Request Form.

We will send an email with a link to the website and a temporary password.


Step 1: Login with your email and temporary password. Step1_loan Step 2: Create your own security question and answer. Examples:
  • Name of city, town, or village where you were born
  • Name of city, town, or village where your grandmother was born
  • Grandfather’s first name
  • Name of the first school you attended
Step2_loan Note: You’ll be logged out and are required to log back in with your email and new password. Step 3: Put Mr. or Ms. in the Title Block. You do not have to put anything in the About Me block. Step3_loan
Log in with your user name and password. Select “My Profile” and. click on “Edit.” step7_loan

Go to the login page here. Click on Forgot Your Password.


Enter your email address and you will receive a link in the email asking you to update your password.


Step 1: Change the display to “Desktop version” after logging in. Step 2: Click on the top corner lines. (Menu) Step 3: Click on Manage Loan Payments. Step 4: Add a payment method. Step 5: Choose bank account or card number. Step 6: Add your card info or bank account. Step 7: Click on Manage Loan Payments.
NO, Each loan account requires a unique email. An email address can ONLY be used once.

We will send the link during normal business days Mondays-Fridays 9am-5pm. If you don’t receive it within 24 hours, please call us at 1-866-507-9464.

It is a question you will have to create and answer for the protection of your information. Here are some examples for you.

  • Name of city, town, or village where you were born
  • Name of city, town, or village where your grandmother was born
  • Grandfather’s first name
  • Name of the first school you attended
Log in with your user name and password. Select the Loan Activity tab and then click on the Export to PDF button.

Click on the tab – Manage Loan Payment. Select Update and then click on the Stop Scheduled Payment button.


Click on “Stop Scheduled Payment.”



To request a reduction to your loans payment, please contact the loans services team using the contact information below.  


The Loans Services Team is available Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

Be sure to include your case number in all correspondence, or have it available when you call. You can find your case number on your statement.





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