URGENT Action Alert: Calls Needed on Immigration Reform

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Immigration Reform 2013 Alternatives to Detention jpegPlease join me in calling specific senators now at the request of our allies in the Interfaith Immigration Coalition (IIC)!

A lot is at stake for all of us who’ve worked so hard and so long for comprehensive immigration reform.

Please see the IIC alert below for details.

TODAY is the first day that the Senate Judiciary Committee will be considering amendments on the bipartisan immigration bill, S. 744. Today they will consider amendments on the bill’s border provisions. Judiciary committee members need to hear today from all people of faith across the country – not just those who live in their states – about how these amendments to S.744 will impact our communities.

Please call 1-866-940-2439 THIS MORNING to speak with the office of a specific Judiciary Committee member. Below is a sample script you can use. More information on the amendments is below.

“As a person of faith, I urge the senator to SUPPORT immigration amendments Coons #2, Hirono #23, Feinstein #6 and #11, and Blumenthal #10, which would protect families and vulnerable populations.

I also urge you to OPPOSE ALL amendments offered by Senators Grassley and Sessions, which would irresponsibly increase enforcement efforts and delay the pathway to citizenship.”


Senator Coons’ Amendment #2
This amendment would prohibit dangerous deportation practices that place migrants at increased vulnerability when deported at the Southern U.S. border.

Senator Hirono’s Amendment #23
This amendment would protect family values when individuals are apprehended at U.S. borders by taking into account the best interest of children and family unity.

Senator Feinstein’s Amendments #6 and #11
These amendments would help border communities by declaring the border area only 25 miles within the U.S. perimeter, as opposed to the current 100 miles, and keep children safe when in border patrol custody.

Senator Blumenthal’s Amendment #10
This amendment would help the Federal government discourage and prevent racial profiling by allowing the Attorney General to refuse to reimburse state and local governments for detentions and prosecutions resulting from a violation of the law by a law enforcement official, such as an act of racial profiling.


ALL of Senator Grassley’s Amendments
Senator Grassleys’ amendments (numbers 1, 4, and 6 specifically) could delay the pathway to citizenship for at least six months, if not indefinitely, and would increase border and interior enforcement measures above and beyond what the immigration bill already calls for.

ALL of Senator Sessions’ Amendments
Senator Sessions’ Amendments (numbers 9, 37, and 38 specifically) would mandate 700 miles of double-layered fencing; strike provisions to provide training to Border Patrol agents on the appropriate use of force, civil rights, cultural sensitivity, and screenings for vulnerable populations, and environmental concerns; and would signal that the use of force, including lethal force, by Border Patrol is permissible.

*Please note that you likely will not be connected with your own senator’s office through this number, unless they are a specific Judiciary Committee member. This is the best way to raise our voices at this moment. Judiciary members know they are responsible to ALL of us as they consider amendments. Feel free to call 1-866-940-2439 multiple times to connect with all priority Judiciary members. The Judiciary Committee list can be found at www.judiciary.senate.gov/about/members.cfm, if you want to call directly.

Thank you for your commitment to protecting vulnerable immigrants and refugees through just and compassionate reform, and for all your work to Stand for Welcome!

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