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Use Our ‘Holiday Toolkit for Migrant Justice’ and Take Action This Holiday Season

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Last week, millions across the county watched as President Obama announced his long-awaited Executive Action that provide temporary relief for the suffering of millions of our immigrant brothers and sisters living in the shadows and under constant threat of separation from their families. LIRS applauds the President’s leadership as a significant step towards a more humane immigration system that honors American history as a nation of immigrants and reflect our values of justice and fairness.

While the Executive Action means that millions of undocumented immigrants can now live without fear of deportation for the next three years, it is not a substitute for a long overdue legislation to fix our broken immigration system.

To this end, we have developed this Hope For the Holidays page to support your continued activism over the holiday period of Thanksgiving, Advent, and New Year. The resource includes a menu of impactful actions you can take individually or with your congregation to put your faith into action for migrant justice.

I invite you to prayerfully consider taking action in solidarity with the millions of migrants for whom this season will be less than joyful due to the policies that have forcibly separated families and loved ones.

Thank you for all you have been doing and will continue to do in support of LIRS and being true champions. We wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving!

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