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Join Us for Virtual Advocacy Days 2022!

Each June, on World Refugee Day, we step back to acknowledge the overwhelming adversity faced by the more than 100 million displaced people worldwide. At Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, it is our deepest belief that these vulnerable individuals should be protected, embraced, and empowered in a world of just and welcoming communities. We also celebrate the vibrancy and new beginning that refuge provides for so many when we lead with our values to ensure welcome in our communities.

Join us in celebrating World Refugee Day the week of June 21st (and every day!), during which we will highlight the incredible resilience and contributions of refugees in America – and remembering those overseas who look to us for protection. 

Learn more about our WRD Virtual Advocacy Days and register below!

Virtual Advocacy days 2022

UNHCR estimates there are more than 26.4 million refugees across the globe – more than any other time in history. Despite our early hopes for welcoming more refugees to the U.S. in 2021, this last year has been particularly challenging for resettlement amid historic lows of refugee admissions. This reality calls for U.S. refugee resettlement leadership: from the withdrawal from Afghanistan to the challenges in Tigray, Ethiopia, and the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, there are many vulnerable refugees in need of support and advocacy.

As advocates, we aim to ensure that our country’s immigration and refugee policies are humane, fair, and respect the human dignity of all who seek shelter and refuge from war, disaster, and persecution. On World Refugee Day this June, we reflect and celebrate the contributions of refugees and share our stories, experiences, and priorities with legislators to transform our immigration system into a system of compassion, justice, and safety for all refugees.

LIRS will hold our Virtual Advocacy Days the week of June 21, 2022, in honor of World Refugee Day. Participants in our virtual fly-in will join meetings with their respective legislators to communicate the urgent call to rebuild our U.S. refugee program and strengthen our commitment to the welcome and protection of vulnerable displaced persons. Our 2022 Advocacy Fly-In will be virtual and include training with LIRS policy staff and participants from each state. Legislative meetings with elected officials or their staff will be scheduled by LIRS’s Advocacy team (on behalf of participants) and conducted via videoconference.

If you’re unable to join us for this virtual day of action for and with immigrants and refugees, we ask you to participate in our social media campaign! Simply print out the below poster and fill it out, take a picture of yourself, and share on social media tagging LIRS on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (@LIRSorg) with the hashtag #WorldRefugeeDay2022.

Why celebrate World Refugee Day?

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