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Watch This Video and Remember the Plight of Syrians: Pray for Refugees on Refugee Sunday

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CourageousJourneysI’m delighted to share a guest post by Matt Herzberg, LIRS Manager for Congregational Outreach.

The numbers are overwhelming. At the end of May 2012, there were over 70,000 registered Syrian refugees. A year later, there were 1.4 million registered refugees. Today, there are 2,714,216 Syrian refugees with 68,034 more waiting to register. There will be more tomorrow. Nearly 3 million displaced persons – and that number is only those who have officially registered with UNHCR – whose lives have been completely changed. They seek opportunity. They seek safety.

Omar al-Muqdad – Syrian, journalist, refugee – shares his gut-wrenching story in LIRS’s video “Courageous Journeys.” From violence to torture to loss of identity, this video sheds light on the plight of so many in Syria. Please take the three and half minutes to learn about Omar’s journey from war zone to place of opportunity and ask yourself how you can walk alongside people like him. Click here to sign up to watch the video.

On June 22nd, congregations across the country will join together in prayer and in worship to lift up migrants and refugees. Refugee Sunday is a great opportunity for congregations to get involved in the journey of the refugee. Posters, discussions questions, and other materials, including the “Courageous Journeys” video, are available to you at Contact me at or 410-230-2794 for physical materials, questions, and idea sharing, too!

Join LIRS, our service partners and Lutherans across the country on Refugee Sunday. Let us walk alongside migrants and refugees, celebrate 500,000 lives already assisted, pray for those currently in need, and plan for a future of welcome.  

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