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URGENT: Immigrant children and families affected by Hurricane Ian need your support! Donate now.

After Detention: Welcome & Respite

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Migrant families seeking refuge are often released from detention with nothing but the clothes on their back. That’s why LIRS has partnered with local Lutheran affiliates like Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains in Albuquerque to manage volunteers and help these families reach their final destination – safely and with dignity.

Watch the video to see how we’re welcoming the stranger, and learn how you can make a difference here:

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  1. I’m looking for an organization to give tithes to that is working to support the refugees at our Mexican border. It looks like LIRS is doing good work. Can I donate money and specify it for work at the Mexican border? Also, I’m looking for some statistics showing how much of the donated money goes directly to refugee work as opposed to running the organization. Can you share some of your statistics? Thank you and God bless! Keep doing good!


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