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Welcoming a ‘Step in the Right Direction’ on the DREAM Act

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In a presidential year shaped by difficult economic times, it is easy to blame a nation’s problems on immigrants who are also undocumented . . . or to ignore them entirely.  So last Friday’s headlines about an executive order regarding young undocumented students comes as welcome news for those who are committed to serve “the foreigner in our midst” (Leviticus 19:33-34).

I was awakened about 3:00 Friday morning by a series of phone calls by students and teachers who have been supportive of the DREAM Act.  One caller I missed left a message that concluded, “Pastor, you have to call me back!  This is life changing!  You have no idea!”  Early word about Friday’s announcement was already spreading, causing renewed hope to spring up in its path.

The executive order, which loosely follows the lines of the DREAM Act, does not resolve all of the nation’s immigration problems.  But it is a step in the right direction, one that will secure the potential of a large group of talented young people to make their full contribution to our society.

This guest post comes to LIRS from Rev. Leonard Busch (Pastor, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Tulsa) and Mission Executive (Oklahoma District, LCMS), who serves in both capacities members of the Burmese, Hmong, Latin American, and Liberian immigrant communities. You can hear more on these issues by watching this edition of Studio 21, as host Loren Farr talks with Rev. Busch about the changing demographics in Tulsa and the nation. We also invite you to read “Immigration Advocates Welcome Policy Shift,” a June 16 Tulsa World article by Cary Aspinwall.

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