What Can Be Done About Temporary Protective Status?

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First it was Sudan, then Nicaragua, and now Haiti.

One by one, struggling countries are losing the promise of Temporary Protective Status (TPS), a form of immigration relief granted to citizens from countries that have become unsafe due to war, famine, natural disaster, or disease.

haitian girls

While the White House has consistently opted against the renewal of TPS in the cases that have come before the Administration this year, Congress can fight back by passing legislation that offers many of these vulnerable migrants extended protection.

In the past few weeks, multiple members of Congress have written bills that grant some sort of immigration relief to TPS holders. They are as follows:

Decision dates for the renewal of Temporary Protective Status (TPS) will continue throughout 2018, with El Salvador and Syria next up in January.

For a calendar with specific expiration and decision dates for all current TPS designated countries, please contact the LIRS advocacy team directly.

This post was guest-written by LIRS advocacy team member Hayley Schultz.  

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