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Inclusion and Empowerment

More than a new home, a new life

Going beyond the basics to support brighter futures.

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service envisions a future in which New Americans can not simply survive, but thrive.

Starting over is daunting, and even after a refugee family has settled in their new home, found a job, and started to make connections in a new community, there is still much work to be done to feel truly stable and secure.

True inclusion and empowerment come with personal and professional fulfillment, and a sense that the future is not only bright, but attainable.

LIRS is walking alongside individuals and families as they forge a better future. Our programs support an empowered living experience through economic independence, personal and professional growth, and a chance to participate in the American dream.

New American Cities

The New American Cities program promotes economic empowerment, social mobility, and diverse, inclusive communities through a three-prong system: pathway building, career navigation, and harnessing the power of champions and coalitions.

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New American Community Lending

New American Community Lending is a privately funded microlending institution from Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service that financially empowers refugees, immigrants, and asylum seekers.

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New American Careers

A subsidiary of LIRS, New American Careers is a social enterprise that seeks to provide meaningful career development, secure job placement, and economic empowerment for refugees, immigrants, and asylum seekers.

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Impact Story

Norma's Story:
Hope for Her Son

“The quality of life we have now is completely different.”

Through the New American Cities program, Norma found a career that aligned with her passions and interests—and allowed her the flexibility she needed to care for her son.

You can change lives.

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Explore the many ways to support LIRS.

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