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Join Us for World Refugee Advocacy Day!

Each June, on World Refugee Day, we step back to acknowledge the overwhelming adversity faced by the 100 million forcibly displaced people worldwide, as well as the honor the incredible life-saving and life-restoring impact of refuge. At Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, it is our deepest belief that these vulnerable individuals should be protected, embraced, and empowered in a world of just and welcoming communities. We celebrate the vibrancy and new beginning that refuge provides for so many when we lead with our values to ensure welcome in our communities.

Join us in celebrating World Refugee Day on June 20th (and every day!), where we will highlight the incredible resilience, vibrancy, and contributions of refugees in America – and remembering those overseas who still await safety.

World Refugee Advocacy Day 2023

UNHCR estimates there are more than 32.9 million refugees across the globe – more than any other time in history. Despite our early hopes for welcoming more refugees to the U.S., during fiscal year 2022 we fell 80 percent short of our goal to welcome 125,000 refugees to the United States. This reality calls for U.S. refugee resettlement leadership and for advocates to work together to call on our legislators and our president to prioritize refugee resettlement! 

As advocates, we aim to ensure that our country’s immigration and refugee policies are humane, fair, and respect the human dignity of all who seek shelter and refuge from war, disaster, and persecution. On World Refugee Day this June, we reflect and celebrate the contributions of refugees and share our stories, experiences, and priorities with legislators to transform our immigration system into a system of compassion, justice, and safety for all refugees. 

LIRS will hold our hybrid World Refugee Advocacy Day on Tuesday, June 20, 2023, in honor of World Refugee Day. Participants in our fly-in will join meetings with their respective legislators – either in-person or virtually – to communicate the urgent call to rebuild our U.S. refugee program and strengthen our commitment to the welcome and protection of vulnerable displaced persons. Our 2023 Advocacy Fly-In will offer the option for joining in-person (for those within driving distance to the Capitol) or virtually –  and include virtual training with LIRS policy staff and participants from each state in the week ahead of participants scheduled meetings with their legislators. 

For advocates driving distance from DC who are interested in participating in our Advocacy Day in-person, LIRS welcomes you to join us in Capitol Hill for an advocacy-packed day on June 20th! Our in-person Advocacy Day will include breakfast, LIRS t-shirts for all participants, an opportunity to meet in-person with legislative staffers at the Capitol, and an evening reception!

For those joining virtually, LIRS staff and an accompanier (group leader) will walk you and your fellow participants through the process of advocating before your legislator in a virtual setting – with virtual training on policy topics, etiquette for meetings, and information about their legislator’s voting history.

Legislative meetings, whether in person or virtual, will be scheduled by LIRS’s Advocacy team (on behalf of participants).

If you’re unable to join us for this hybrid day of action for and with immigrants and refugees, we ask you to participate in our social media campaign! By joining our call-in campaign or sending a letter to your legislator through our action alert here! Be sure to share your actions on social media tagging LIRS on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn (@LIRSorg) with the hashtag #WorldRefugeeDay2023.

Why celebrate World Refugee Day?


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