World Refugee Day 2018 – Celebrating Our Champions

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June 20 is World Refugee Day.

In 2018, during the worst refugee crisis in human history, World Refugee Day takes on even greater importance in the United States. At LIRS, we are taking this opportunity to celebrate our champions – from refugee leaders and service partners to advocates and supporters like you.

With over 65 million people forcibly driven from their homes by conflict around the world, our work has never been so important. Which is why we need you to continue to be a champion for LIRS. You can start by spreading the word!

Use this infographic below as a cheat sheet to educate people around you about the current refugee crisis and learn about different ways to support LIRS in building a culture of welcome.


World Refugee Day 2018 Infographics



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Following are some refugee facts that will help you understand the current refugee crisis:

  1. There are over 25.5 million refugees out of 65.5 million people who were forcibly displaced worldwide as a result of persecution, conflict, violence, or human rights violation. (UNHCR)
  2. For the first time in modern history, refugees made up almost 1 per cent of the global population in 2017 – greater than the population of the UK. (Global Peace Index)
  3. Fifty percent of refugees come from just five countries of origin. (WorldBank)
  4. Over fifty percent of refugees are children under the age of 18. (UNICEF)
  5. The United States accounts for some 23% of global GDP, but hosts just 1% of forcibly displaced people globally and only 4% of all refugees and asylum-seekers.
  6. President Donald Trump lowered the ceiling for refugees admissions to 45,000 in 2018 — a record low of any president in the history of United States.


How can you help refugees today?

Look around you: chances are your neighbor is a refugee, or the owner of your favorite restaurant, or maybe your child’s grade school teacher.

Even if you are not surrounded by refugees, there are a lot of ways you can support LIRS . We launched a special online action center for World Refugee Day 2018 with practical ways to help and support refugees.

You can advocate for change, host Refugee Sunday, and even share a story about how your life or community has been impacted by refugees.

If you are surrounded by a community of refugees, invite them over for dinner, listen to their stories, and join LIRS in celebrating a culture of welcome.

You can also support our work by making a donation today.

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