World Refugee Day Academy Participants Take Leadership on Capitol Hill — National Action Alert

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button_icon_national_alert2This Wednesday, fifty-one former refugees will visit LIRS in Washington, DC to attend the 2014 World Refugee Day Academy, where they will learn about the legislative climate on refugee issues and develop a plan to mobilize their communities at home. They will visit their members of Congress on Thursday to urge them to walk alongside refugees by championing legislation that provides greater protection and invests in their futures.

Specifically, Academy participants will be urging members of Congress to:

  • Invest in robust resources for refugees and vulnerable migrants,
  • Protect refugees by rejecting proposals that harm refugees such as a current mandate for the Department of Homeland Security to maintain 34,000 beds for immigration detention, and
  • Champion refugees by supporting legislation that provides further protections for newcomers.

We are proud to have men and women like Selena Sujoldzic advocating and demonstrating how the United States is strengthened by the contributions of refugees. Sujoldzic, who shared her story in a recent blog, fled the Bosnian Genocide and was eventually resettled in the United States. While she initially struggled to identify with her new home, she has truly grown to embody the meaning of standing for welcome. She is now a leader in her home town of Wichita, KS and a champion for other former refugees.

Please join LIRS and our Academy participants by visiting our Action Center to advocate with refugees and vulnerable migrants. In addition, you can be part of our advocacy day by following our progress on Twitter and using the hashtags #RefugeeAcademy, #WalkofCourage, and #Refugees.

Thank you for standing for welcome.

If you are a former refugee and would like to share your story with us, we’d love to hear your story. If you live in a community with resettled refugees, tell us how a refugee has touched your life, or how your community welcomes refugees. We invite you to share your experience here

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