World Refugee Day: Grand Forks Herald Spotlights Advocacy of Dr. Hussam Al-Kayali

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Grand Forks Herald logoIt is wonderful to see the press lift up the work of yet another participant in the LIRS delegations that visited Capitol Hill for World Refugee Day, June 20. This time it’s the Grand Forks Herald, which ran a great profile of our friend and ally, Dr. Hussam Al-Kayali.

In his June 19 piece, “‘Grand Forks’ 1st Iraqi Refugee Wants America to Remain a Welcoming Place,” Chuck Haga quotes Dr. Al-Kayali as saying ““I feel a responsibility toward this country. This country gave us an opportunity to start over, and it continues to be a welcoming place. How can we repay it for all the advantages we get from this country?”

Haga goes on to write:

“Somalia, Liberia, Vietnam, Iraq — we’re here from all over,” [Dr. Al-Kayali] said. He wants to thank members of Congress for his family’s new start, he said, and express “hope that America will keep its commitment to protecting refugees overseas. Too many lives depend on it.”

Please read the entire article about Dr. Al-Kayali and show your support by promoting the link via Facebook and other social media, and sending the link to your friends, colleagues, and family.

World Refugee Day was a great success, with LIRS delegates meeting with over 30 congressional offices. They encouraged lawmakers to move forward on comprehensive immigration reform, and to keep the plight of the world’s 15 million refugees in mind as they undertake that important work.

We’re grateful to Dr. Al-Kayali for his advocacy on Capitol Hill, and we thank the Grand Forks Herald for covering these important issues.

World Refugee Day may be over, but the work of passing comprehensive immigration reform that improves life for refugees is only beginning. Please add your voice to that of Dr. Al-Kayali by visiting the LIRS Action Center now and urging your elected officials to pass legislation with stronger provisions to welcome and protect refugees!

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