World Refugee Day: The Immigrant Magazine Showcases Capitol Hill Visit by James Payveh

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immigrant magazineI’m excited to share yet another headline about a leader of our World Refugee Day delegations to Capitol Hill.  The Immigrant Magazine just published a profile of Los Angeles resident, former refugee, and current community leader James Payveh.

In his July 8 piece for the magazine, “L.A. Liberian Community Leader Visits Capitol Hill to Advocate for Immigrants,” LIRS Program Associate for Outreach Luke Telander writes:

‘I left home at the height of the Liberian civil war. I escaped my home under gunfire and had to walk for about 15 miles to hide,’ said Payveh. ‘When I left home, I left behind a wife and three children, with only the clothes on my back, but the fact that my journey takes me here to Washington to be a voice for refugees shows me how much the United States is a leader on human rights.’

Payveh settled in California in 1996 with the help of LIRS. Now an active participant in American civic life, he is a registered voter, a member of the area Liberian organization, a member of the area Liberian organization, and a member of the United Teachers Los Angeles.  In addition to advocating in Washington D.C., he is also taking this opportunity to drive home from DC to LA, exploring the country he is now proud to call home.

Payveh flew to the East Coast for the LIRS World Refugee Day activities on Capitol Hill, and was an honored guest at the Walk of Courage Award Dinner.

James Payveh (seated, third from right) strategizes with other former refugee leaders at the LIRS office in preparation for meeting with members of Congress on World Refugee Day, June 20, 2013.

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Payveh was among more than two dozen LIRS delegates who met with over 30 congressional offices on World Refugee Day, June 20. They asked lawmakers to move forward on comprehensive immigration reform, and to keep the plight of the world’s 15 million refugees in mind as they undertake that important work.

We’re grateful to James Payveh for raising his voice for refugees and immigration reform on Capitol Hill. We’re also thankful that The Immigrant Magazine is covering these critically important issues.

World Refugee Day is past, but the work of passing immigration reform that strengthens protections for refugees is only starting. Please add your voice to that of James Payveh by visiting the LIRS Action Center now and urging the House of Representatives to pass legislation with positive provisions for vulnerable migrants!

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