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One Young Supporter Celebrates Her Birthday at LIRS

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In a year that has been challenging for refugee resettlement, hope sometimes pops up when you least expect it.

As LIRS works tirelessly to elevate a narrative of welcome in a divided America, we have been inspired by the outpouring of support from individual donors, advocates, and volunteers – people just like you – who have been moved to stand with us.

LIRS’s diverse network of supporters serves as an everyday reminder that compassion is a powerful force, uniting Americans across many faiths, races, and backgrounds. Today, LIRS is happy to share the story of one young donor who embodies that spirit.

It’s not very often that someone walks into our office with a donation, but that’s just what happened when Amy Bishop decided to stop by with her mom and her sister to make a personal gift of $30 to LIRS in celebration of her birthday.


Amy (bottom left), who is visually impaired, had no trouble seeing the vital importance of LIRS’s mission. She had heard about LIRS through her church, her mom Sandra explained, and wanted to make a donation in person.

Amy expressed particular interest in the work that LIRS does to support unaccompanied children, and she and her sister Alice were excited to be able to meet Cait O’Donnell of LIRS’ Children’s Services unit and get some questions answered firsthand.

“How old are the children that you work with?” “How do children get to the United States?” “Do they get placed in foster homes or do they get adopted?” These were some of the questions that Amy voiced during her visit.

Cait explained that across the broad spectrum of cases received by LIRS, the average age of children we serve is about 13; and after long journeys by foot, train, and bus, these children are unified with existing family members in the U.S. or placed in loving foster homes by LIRS.

“I was amazed at the questions that she thought to ask,” said Cait, after saying good bye and wishing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Amy. “You could tell that she really cared about the issue and was thinking about the impact of our work.”

LIRS is honored to have been a part of Amy’s birthday celebration, and, on behalf of all of our staff and network partners across the country, we’d like to say: Happy Birthday, Amy — You Rock!

LIRS is so grateful to supporters who give from their hearts to support the important work we do. Every gift – regardless of size – affirms the important values that drive our work of welcome, and we simply couldn’t do it without you.

Join Amy in making a donation to LIRS today!

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